Skin Care

What the Fizz?

What the Fizz? Yep I said Fizz.

Argh! Blackheads! The bane of teenage life. Sometimes the bane of adult life too come to think of it. You’ve poked and prodded. Scrubbed and picked. You’ve even tried that black stuff that feels like it’s pulling your skin off. To no avail. There they are month after month, day after day. Ugh.

There is hope. And it fizzes!

How to evict blackheads with a mask that looks like you’ve grown a white beard on your face. Or that you’re slowly turning into a poodle. Seems …. Um …

If you’re happy with sticking a strip of paper that looks like a plaster on your nose then great! But at least have a look at this Fizz Mask from Dermalogica.

Seriously, What. The. Fizz?

All kidding aside, the brand new Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask is a unique product designed to tackle the problem of blackheads head on.

“The Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask literally dissolves your blackheads. The way it foams is just so cool! I can really feel it working.” – Georgia Toffolo, TV Personality

Most importantly, the fizzing action is the key element of this mask by helping to open pores, decongest the skin and assist in the removal of blackheads. It won’t pull them out forcibly like those face-ripping plasters or black masques. The mask will however soften everything allowing blackheads to be extracted more easily, and safely. Plus it leaves your skin smooth and glowing.

The mask contains sulphur to fight off the bad bacteria, kaolin clay to absorb any excess oil and apple fruit extract to keep your skin super hydrated. Wham bam!


You will look super trendy with your white beard.

The fizzy Breakout Clearing Fizz Mask is also on point for other reasons though:

  • It’s cruelty free
  • It’s vegan friendly
  • It’s paraben free
  • It’s gluten free
  • And no artificial fragrances or colours

So stop worrying about blackheads. Get your fizz on! Wear your fizzy beard for 3-7 minutes a couple of times a week and you will see a massive difference in your skin.