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We’re on the move!

As you may, or may not, be aware, the salon is on the move. If you are reading this then you are ahead of the game and staying up to date. If you’re not reading this …. Then I’m talking to myself. Not unusual if I’m honest, after all I am mother to a 2 year old (who has been helping with the new salon!).

Supervising Grandad with the painting



Moving. Again. Yep again.

This will be the salon’s FIFTH move in Lavenham since it opened in 2001.

You read that right: the fifth move. It’s like the Fifth Element but without LeeLoo’s awesome orange hair and sadly no instant makeup box (although our Mii Cosmetics are almost as good!).

Where are we going?

Straight to the important point: where are we going?

You will be pleased to hear (I hope!) that we are staying in Lavenham. We’re simply moving down the street closer to The Swan, the Pharmacy, and a stone’s throw from the De Vere “Harry Potter” House.

Well ok, a bit more than a stone’s throw away but I had to get Harry Potter into the post somehow.

The new address is:

3 High Street



CO10 9PX


Telephone number and e-mail address will stay the same!

We will be closed from 29th September (except for a couple of clients we squeezed in) and re-opening on Thursday 11th October. We are starting to book up so if you want to come and check out the new salon book in for a treatment in October!

Why are we moving?

We’ve been at the top of the high street for a good 9 years. It’s a nice location as it’s quiet and we’ve steadily built the business up. We’re nearly always fully booked. We’re just a little tight on space. When I joined the business last year the salon was a great size but over the past 12 months business has boomed and both Mandy and I are getting so busy that manoeuvre room is lacking. Also, it’s hard work changing a room from one treatment to another with only a few minutes in between. I’ve got some good muscle tone though so it’s not all bad.

When the Lavenham Clinic announced it was closing earlier this year we started thinking about the possibility of moving.

It was 3 months before we decided to go ahead with it, and by the time we open at the new location it will have been 6 months since we first had the idea.

What’s so special about the move to the new salon?

When you come and see us at the new place you will know why we went for it. The space is beautiful. A lovely welcoming reception area downstairs, and four rooms upstairs. More room to breathe.  Room to relax. Space to swing a cat …. not that we condone that sort of thing.

Four rooms? I thought there was only 3?

Well yes. If you’ve ever been to the Lavenham Clinic in the past there was only 3 rooms. We’ve turned one room into two! This means we have so many options for treatment rooms including one available to rent to other therapists.

At the end of the day we are excited about the possibilities of the future. We will have the room to separate treatments so will save time by no longer having to rearrange furniture! This means we can devote 100% to our clients and make every treatment special.