See the Light: What Is LED Light Therapy

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It might surprise you to learn how much modern technology we use here at our small family salon. One machine in particular is a fond favourite because it can be utilised on it’s own, or as part of any facial in a smaller amount: our BT-Accent LED light. What is LED light therapy? LED light […]

Sensitive vs Sensitised Skin

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We hear a lot of complaints in the salon about clients having sensitive skin: Certain products create itchy, red or irritated skin; the cold weather makes skin feel dry and tight; red wine or chocolate causes redness and breakouts. We’re often asked for advice on how to cure these issues. Part of our Face Mapping […]

What is a Chemical Peel

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BioSurface Peel When it comes to your skin there is one treatment that is guaranteed to raise eyebrows when you mention it, or strike fear into the heart of clients: chemical peel. The idea of a chemical peel is unsettling for many as it denotes red, raw skin and weeks of healing shut away from […]

Facelift Facial Without Surgery

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Here at Beauty Gallery we offer a special facelift facial utilising microcurrent to re-educate facial muscles, combined with the results driven Dermalogica products. We bring cutting edge innovations to the salon with the BT-Nano®. The BT-Nano® system is the ultimate mini system, utilising the exclusive patented Suzuki Sequencing™ platform. Signature facials include the Dermalogica Skin […]