Testimonials from our clients

Here are some of our clients comments

“Electrolysis is not just for the ladies! Any men looking for permanent results have come to the right place – Mandy provides a very friendly and professional service. Over the last 2 years or so I’ve had work done on various body parts (neck, back, arms) and am very pleased with the results. Electrolysis does require a commitment on your part but the rewards are well worth the effort!”

Nigel, Suffolk

“I went to Mandy for facial hair electrolysis because of her extensive experience with treating transgender clients. She has helped my transition from male to female more than I can adequately express in words. She has successfully removed my beard; the feminising results of which cannot be underestimated. Mandy is both friendly and informative, making the experience as smooth as possible and I would recommend electrolysis at Beauty Gallery to anyone who needs permanent hair removal, but especially trans women with our specific needs and desired results.”

Hannah, Suffolk

“I’ve been having electrolysis treatment , once a week, for three years now and have seen great results. At the beginning I had a lot of hairs and very dark shadows on both sides of my chin, now I only have around 5 – 10 hairs left on each side. These are very fine, no shadow now and it even seems to have improved my scars from teenage spots! Definitely worth the perseverance for the result I now have.”

Vicki, Ipswich

“I shaved my chin and lip twice a day and plucked each morning for many years. I was very self conscious of my five o’clock shadow and spent many hours trying to get rid of it. I found out about electrolysis and was fortunate to meet Mandy who promised to help me. After what seemed like ages one week my hair didn’t grow back so much and from then it reduced noticeably each week. It is about 15 years since I began treatment. I started having 30 minutes a week now I have 15 minutes about every six months to tidy up any odd fine hairs I notice. The best thing I have ever done!”

Marion, Halstead