Privacy Policy

Here at Beauty Gallery we take your privacy very seriously. This privacy statement is here to provide you with what we do with any personal information we collect from you, where it is stored, and why we need it. This privacy statement relates to this website only and does not extend beyond our pages to your use of the Internet as a whole. Any other website outside of this one, even if linked to our website, is excluded from this privacy statement. If you have any concerns about your privacy make sure your review the privacy and security of any website you visit on the Internet.

You can access our home page, and any page linked to it, without providing any personal information. However, if you do give us your personal details you are accepting these terms. This privacy statement forms part of our Terms and Conditions, and will be updated as and when necessary. Please check back to this page regularly to read the most recent revision.

Any personal information provided to us from you will be used for the sole purpose of professional records kept by us at the salon, and for communication between the salon and yourself. It will never be shared with any third-party website, person or organisation without your knowledge and approval.

Information we may collect

The only information collected from you via this website is your name and contact details. This information is only known to us if you complete our Contact Us form, or sign up to our E-mail Newsletter.

How we use your information

Information collected from this website will only be used for the direct communication between the salon and you. It will never be given to any third parties.

Storage of information

All information supplied via this website  is stored electronically on secure servers accessible only by authorised persons.


Other information we collect from you prior to any service by us is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Records are kept electronically accessible by a password protected programme at the salon. We also keep hard copy information with your signature on file for up to 7 years depending on the treatment in question (different governing bodies have different regulations).

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about your personal information please contact us. We are happy to reassure you if you have any worries.