Skin Care

Science and Skincare

Hands up who thinks of science when they think of a beauty salon? No doubt that the majority of people consider the beauty industry to be whimsical, materialistic and concerned only with the pursuit of beauty. The various eyebrow trends (feathers anyone?) or the epic nail art that is around (often just plain ludicrous!) certainly don’t help when beauty therapists want to be taken seriously.

Mandy and I really try to promote the fact that our salon is not your typical beauty salon. We’re not artistic nail technicians (though I do get excited when someone wants glitter!). We don’t spend hours applying lash extensions, or creating the perfect high definition eyebrows (although Vicki does enjoy shaping brows). What we really love to do is deliver results on your skin, and take care of your natural nails so that you can wear gels longer. This means a lot of science goes on in our salon that often the client is not aware of. So grab a cup of tea and pull up a chair because over the next few weeks we’re going to give you a science lesson, or two.

We are also going to discuss the connection between other areas of holistic and therapeutic industries that work alongside the beauty industry. When we help you with your skin we will ask you to tell us about health conditions, or medications you are taking. We will also ask what sort of diet you eat on a daily basis, what you drink or how much exercise you get. Some questions seem a little incongruous when a client just wants a relaxing facial, but they are important: what you do on a day to day basis, so your whole lifestyle from food, drink and exercise to your medical health, has an effect not only on your skin but also on how products react on your skin.

We will be inviting some guest bloggers to give us some insight into nutrition, supplements, exercise and medications, among other areas of interest.
For now though, just have a think about your skin. What do you know about it? Do you take care of it?

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