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SalonSpy Reviews

We were super excited to receive this certificate today from SalonSpy.

Earlier this year our diary management system company entered into partnership with SalonSpy to encourage real reviews for salons. After each appointment with us, provided you have given us your mobile number, you will receive a text message with a link to leave a review. It’s easy to simply complete a short feedback report and it gets posted online at

Reviews are really important for us. Good reviews give us assurance that we are providing an exceptional service. Negative reviews are good too as they give us feedback on areas that we can improve upon. So regardless of your experience your feedback is greatly appreciated to help us continue to improve your salon experience.

Reviews also help potential clients make an educated decision to come and visit our salon. In this day and age the vast majority of people hop online to research a salon before booking an appointment. It’s a known fact that referrals are the best way to encourage new clients and your review is essentially a referral.

We would like to thank everyone who has come into the salon over the last few months for contributing to this award. It is your feedback that has helped us grow and we hope you continue to visit us and review us as our services are added to.