Salon Open Day: Alison Fracella Research Trust

The salon is hosting an amazing open day with bookable treatments, live demonstrations, and our Dermalogica Skin Bar in aid of a local charity, the Alison Fracella Research Trust (AFRT).


The AFRT, based in Hadleigh, Suffolk, raises money for the research, treatment and elimination of a particular brain tumour known as Glioblastoma.

Glioblastoma multiforme  is the most common AND most malignant brain tumour, and once diagnosed the prognosis for sufferers is usually pretty poor with survival commonly close to a year after diagnosis with full treatment. Without treatment, survival is rare past three months after diagnosis.

We were introduced to this charity by one of our long-term clients, whose daughter unfortunately passed away from Glioblastoma multiforme. We look forward to helping raise money to support this great charity.

WHAT’S ON IN THE SALON (Details subject to change as we iron things out)

10am – 1pm           First Session

2pm – 5pm            Second Session

6pm – 9pm            Third Session

Buy tickets here!

Ticket cost is £10, and the proceeds will be donated directly to the AFRT. Your ticket includes:-

* A Prep & Glow Skin Solver Treatment: get your skin ready for the Christmas season!

* Live demonstrations of advanced skin care treatments to possibly include our amazing Power Up treatment, BT Nano Facelift, and the BioSurface Peel (tbd).

* Skin Bar and Aging Skin masterclass – Come and play with the Dermalogica products, try new things, learn about how they work for different skin conditions, and get some information about how to manage skin as it ages.

* A goody bag and a complimentary drink on arrival (non-alcoholic).


We are also offering an astounding discount on all courses of treatments paid for on the day. This is an amazing limited time offer for one day only. Details to follow.


A special discount on all Dermalogica skincare products purchased (or ordered & paid for) on the day.

These discounts are also available to anyone who calls the salon on the day, as long as everything is paid for on the day the discounts will be applied.