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Palm oil and Dermalogica

With Iceland’s recent advert the world is on high alert for eco-friendly palm oil. Dermalogica has been committed to cruelty-free products for decades but now adds sustainable palm oil sourcing to its list.

Have you seen Iceland’s controversial Christmas advert? The one about palm oil that was apparently banned from airing on TV networks? If you haven’t seen it watch it here:

It’s a sweet poem that highlights a very important point. Our reliance on palm oil for a variety of products from chocolate to shampoo. Let’s take a brief look at palm oil and finish with Dermalogica’s position.

So what is palm oil?

According to The Orangutan Project “palm oil is derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree”. The palm oil from the fruit is edible and used in food. The kernel oil from the seed is used in cosmetics.

The two main species of palm oil trees are Elaeis guineensis (West Africa) and Elaeis oleifera (Central and South America). They grow in tropical regions including Indonesia and Malaysia. Areas of virgin forest are destroyed to make way for intensive plantations. This has resulted in extensive deforestation and the impact on wildlife has been devastating.

For more information visit The Orangutan Project here.

Palm oil in the bathroom

In skincare palm oil is used primarily as a conditioning agent due to its occlusive properties. It can also help increase the viscosity of the product. For more information check it out here.

Sustainable Palm Oil

Palm oil isn’t the problem, per se. It’s how it’s manufactured and produced. Boycotting is not necessarily the answer because thousands of people depend on its production. Thankfully there are changes in progress that support the sustainable production of palm oil, while reinvesting in the local ecosystems. Read Refinery29’s 2017 article here.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

The RSPO was set up to provide a platform to register as a sustainable consumer or producer of palm oil. The RSPO provides rules and regulations for companies to adhere to relating to palm oil. At the moment only 19% of palm oil is certified globally by the RSPO, so there is still a long way to go.

Dermalogica and RSPO

Dermalogica is a proud member of the RSPO network, committing to the use of sustainable palm oil in its products. This means that only RSPO certified suppliers are used. Any suppliers that are found to be in breach of RSPO standards are replaced. Dermalogica are also proud to educate clients, consumers and account holders on the importance of this issue.

Look out for new packaging in 2019 that highlights Dermalogica’s RSPO certified status.