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A Gift Voucher (and a partridge in a pear tree …)

A voucher from Beauty Gallery is special. Don’t believe me? Read on!

I don’t put a gift voucher on my wish list. It sounds a bit unimaginative. Not that I have a real Christmas list, but in my head I still write to Father Christmas. It’s not a brightly wrapped box with string and a reindeer tag. It’s not the next generation super smartphone. It’s not a gym membership or expensive fitness tracker. It’s not a new car. It’s not a pony. It’s a voucher. A piece of paper in lieu of cash.

So why get one?

A voucher has a bit more meaning than a wad of cash. It shows that someone gave enough thought to you to look at your favourite shops, your local coffee shop or your beauty salon. And then buy you something that you can actually use.

True, a voucher is not a diamond ring. It’s also not an ugly sweater. It’s not that gift that no one wants (so keeps re-gifting year after year). It won’t gather dust on your shelf or hang unworn in your wardrobe.

A voucher from Beauty Gallery is special

It’s a moment to yourself. An hour of me time. It might be a new nail polish, or your favourite moisturiser. Or it could be that facial you’ve promised yourself to get for the past few months. Maybe an hour with your feet soaking and the massage chair on continuous loop. A voucher can be anything!

If you’re stuck for ideas a voucher is always the best idea! It’s a stocking filler. Or the main shebang! Depending on how generous the amount is.

We now have brand new gift vouchers in the salon from £5-£20 each. Buy one or buy several. What amount do you want to invest?

They are quick, easy presents to send in the post. If you have procrastinated until the last minute, they are great to ease the guilt of forgetting to order that gold necklace for your wife!

Whatever the reason, a voucher from Beauty Gallery is special at Christmas … or anytime!