Advanced Electrolysis FAQs

I want my thread veins treated on my cheeks, will it urt?

There will be slight warmth and maybe a very slight stinging sensation in certain areas, but generally it will not be uncomfortable.

Will it bleed?

Occasionally there will be some pin prick bleeding, but generally it will not bleed.

What will it look like afterwards?

The area treated will be slightly pink for a short while.

Will it scar?

No, as long as it is treated correctly there will be no scarring.

How do I look after the area?

You will be given full aftercare instructions, but mainly it is best to keep the area clean and dry for 48hrs.

I have skin tags, do these hurt when treated?

Larger skin tags are quickly removed with very little sensation.

What about Seborrheic Keratosis, do these hurt or bleed?

Some larger Keratosis may sting a little while being treated and may bleed a little. Smaller ones can be removed with no discomfort and no bleeding. A dressing is applied if there is any bleeding.

How many treatments will be needed?

Depending on what lesion is being treated quite often only one treatment session is needed. A full assessment will be done at the consultation and a treatment plan will be advised.

A full FREE consultation is given before any treatment to answer all your questions, and to confirm whether treatment can be given.