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Facelift Facial Without Surgery

Here at Beauty Gallery we offer a special facelift facial utilising microcurrent to re-educate facial muscles, combined with the results driven Dermalogica products. We bring cutting edge innovations to the salon with the BT-Nano®. The BT-Nano® system is the ultimate mini system, utilising the exclusive patented Suzuki Sequencing™ platform.

Signature facials include the Dermalogica Skin Complex Lift and the Invisible Expression facial. For… more information please contact Mandy at the salon.

We also offer this technology as an optional extra addition to any facial treatment. This means that we can create the ultimate skin experience designed according to your individual needs and concerns.

It is important however to point out that while this facial does have facelift properties, by re-educating the facial muscles to improve skin tone, it is not a one off treatment. For best results a course is recommended, alongside recommended skincare at home, and consistency is key. For more information please contact Mandy at the salon.