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Cleansing Importance: Double Cleanse

Recently I moved house and had to rent a Rugdoctor to clean the carpet before handing the keys back to the landlord. Upon reading the instructions it clearly stated to vacuum first to suck up any surface debris BEFORE using the Rugdoctor to wash the carpet. I couldn’t help thinking about how this is exactly the same as the idea of double cleansing your skin.

Double cleansing is a beauty buzzword that is garnering attention from many beauty companies. Dermalogica really stresses the importance of this step to clean, clear, beautiful skin for life. Why is it so vital for your skin fitness though?

Your cleanser by itself is not designed to remove makeup, sweat, grime, free radicals or other debris that clogs your pores AND target skin condition. In fact, how do you know what your skin condition is like if all you do is remove part of the surface crust and not the rest?

Many people wonder whether it’s just a marketing ploy, a way to get the consumer to spend more money on beauty products. However, it really is an important consideration. It’s not just your skin that requires double cleansing!

How many of us wash their hair twice with shampoo, and then follow with conditioner? Every hairdresser I’ve been too has washed my hair this way. Have you ever wondered why?

What about your hands? It is now very common to wash your hands with soap and water, and then follow with a hand sanitizer to make sure hands are clean and germ free (top tip though: make sure you invest in a good hand moisturiser to replenish your hands from the stripping action of alcohol based sanitizer).

If you invest in your hair and your hands … if you invest in your carpets … why don’t you invest in the skin on your face?

Dermalogica make double cleansing simple, quick and easy.

PreCleanse is an oil based product activated by water designed for normal – oiler skin to emulsify excess sebum, makeup, and grime off your skin. This then allows you to use your cleanser afterwards to target your individual skin concerns. With consistent use, you WILL see and feel the difference.

PreCleanse is NOT SUITABLE if you suffer with nut allergies however, as it contains a tree nut oil. Great for your skin … but not if you have allergies. So Dermalogica went back to the drawing board and launched an amazing sister product: PreCleanse Balm.

PreCleanse Balm is designed for normal – drier skin because of its rich consistency. It’s still oil based but does not contain any tree nut oils so is great for anyone who suffers with allergies. What is particularly great about the balm is it is not liquid, which makes it easy to transport either on holiday or to the gym. It emulsifies in the same way as the original PreCleanse and leaves your skin fresh and ready for your targeted cleanser. Don’t be constrained by skin type though, ultimately the best product for you is one you like, and one you’ll use.

So what are you waiting for? Come into the salon to try both out. It really is worth the investment for clean, clear, beautiful skin for life.