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Beauty and the Dragon

The time when Beauty Gallery met Theo Paphitis

Our business is founded in helping others find their beauty. We take great pride in helping those suffering from excessive hair growth to find new confidence in their appearance. We excel at helping those with problem skin feel comfortable again. We love taking gnarly feet and turning them into unicorn hooves, or pampering hard working hands with a lick of gel colour. Yes we are a beauty salon and although many would argue that beauty is vanity we would say it’s much deeper than that.

Sometimes however it takes a bit of self-belief and a meeting with a dragon to find the beauty in yourself. We are so thankful to Theo Paphitis for giving us this opportunity.

The Winning Tweet

Back in August 2018 I tweeted Theo Paphitis, of Dragon’s Den fame and all-round retail entrepreneur. He’s been running his #SBS, or Small Business Sunday, competition for eight years and I was one of the lucky ones to get chosen. Want to see what I wrote about the salon that got us chosen?

Ta da!

And then the next day this was Theo’s reply!

Pretty special if you ask me. So we are now winners! Whoop! No we don’t get a medal, or a trophy, or a million pounds (that would be nice!). Instead we received entry into an exclusive club of other small businesses and a platform from which to market our salon beyond our rural village.

February 2019 #SBS Event

Fast forward to this month and you may have seen our social media posts at the annual event Theo Paphitis puts on for all his #SBS winners in Birmingham. If you didn’t, here is our official photo with Theo himself!

There are several blogs from other attendees who detail the day and if you want to check them out try this one from Glamavan or this one from Serenity Jiu Jitsu.

I’m not going to repeat what they’ve written. Instead I want to share some key points from the day that resonated with us.

The importance of cash flow

Yes we are a beauty salon, we are also professionally trained and running our own business. The most important part of a business, even more than making a profit, is managing your cash flow effectively. This means having the money available when you need it to pay bills and other overheads that our customers generally don’t see. As we have just moved into a larger premises with larger over heads and a lovely date with the VAT man every few months, cash flow management has been spring-boarded to a priority. It is for this reason that we have now added our online booking option for a few treatments (but don’t worry you can still call us if you can’t find a time that suits you, sometimes we need to manually adjust the diary to accommodate everything). Check it out here!

Be a risk manager not a risk taker

You hear it a lot in business circles: the idea of being a risk taker. It’s true that without risk there will be no change. However, a key point from the chat with Sir Thomas Hunter, Theo’s special guest for the event, was that it is about managing risk properly, not leaping off tall buildings in the hopes of landing on your feet. It’s about seeing opportunities, noting the risks, assessing the situation and then deciding whether or not the risk is worth it.

Keep dreaming

Every business at the event, every business who wins that coveted retweet from Theo, every business yet to win has a dream. We all have a dream. It is our why. It motivates us to get up in the morning and keep working on our businesses. It is the alarm clock that reminds you that if you don’t get up and do some work you won’t get paid. Despite the lack of sick leave, often long hours (many of which behind the scenes), and stressful periods (hello cash flow!), the dream is what keeps us going. Never stop dreaming.