Active Beauty

The health and fitness industry is seeing a huge boom at the moment. More than ever people from all walks of life are seeking to live healthier, fitter lives by watching what they eat and becoming more active. Here at the salon we encourage all our clients to think of the big picture for a healthy lifestyle, and that includes investing in your skincare and nail care.

We understand that an active lifestyle often means limited time for perceived luxuries so we offer various products and services to help you achieve your best self when you’re short on time!

 Book in for a 30 minute skin treatment to refresh your skin and target key concerns.

These express facials are ideal to improve the look and feel of your skin, and a good step towards skin fitness.









Don’t have time for a full manicure? Come and see us for a mini manicure to take care of the essentials (cut and file, cuticle care and conditioning oil or basecoat treatment). We can do the same for your feet too!Speaking of feet, if you’re a runner it’s incredibly important to take care of your toes!







And product wise, invest in one of our PreCleanse products to thoroughly remove makeup, sweat, grime, or even residue chlorine, and then follow up with a cleanser. Come and speak to us for options to mix and match products to meet your needs and time requirements. Good skin care does not need a routine that lasts for hours!