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5 Tips For Getting Your Skin Wedding Ready

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s an exciting time preparing for a wedding. There is lots to think about from what dress you’re going to wear, your colour scheme, and where you’re going to tie the knot. One aspect often over looked is prepping your skin ready for the big day. Many brides think of their make up but it’s equally important to get a good skincare routine underway. The better your skin is the better your make up will look. No matter your budget it pays to invest in good, professional quality products to achieve results in time for your big day.

Three brides smiling
Three brides wearing Mii Cosmetics makeup

80% of skincare starts at home – start early!

Visit your local Dermalogica salon for a Face Map skin analysis and find out what products will be best for your skin and the results you want to achieve. The majority of skincare happens at home so you need the best tools in your arsenal to target your main skin concerns. Do this sooner rather than later so you have plenty of time to target problem areas. It always pays to invest in professional products after some advice from a trained professional. Your skin is the largest organ in your body but often the most neglected. If you already have problem skin, such as acne, rosacea or dry/sensitive skin, then you need to start this early so the right balance of products can be found for your skin to give you the best results.

Healthy you, healthy skin model cleansing face with mitt
Dermalogica can help you get great skin

Schedule professional treatments

While most of your skincare routine will happen at home it pays to invests in a course of professional skin treatments to refresh and revitalise your skin. Ideally on a monthly basis, leading up to your wedding day with your last facial a week or so before the big day. These can range from monthly facials, to a course (or several!) of chemical peels. The new ProPower Peel from Dermalogica offers a brilliant progressive treatment plan that targets and treats a wide variety of skin conditions.

Professional ProPower Peel Dermalogica treatment with therapist and client.
Pro Power Peel Treatment

Stay hydrated

One of the best advice for all skin conditions is to drink more water. Water flushes waste products and toxins from our bodies. Make sure you have a good moisturiser to stay hydrated on the outside too! Try Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream for up to 48hrs hydration. Hydration is multilevel and for best results you’ll want to team your daily water intake with a balanced cleanser and moisturiser. Regular exfoliation is also vital for hydration levels, so another reason to invest in a facial or chemical peel.

Eat well and stay active

Fill up on healthy foods such as leafy greens, vegetables and lean source of protein. Add some healthy fats like avocado and nuts. Avoid overindulging in too much sugary, processed food and moderate your alcohol intake! The notion you are what you eat is quite accurate. Plus regular exercise helps bring blood close to the skin, which helps give the skin a healthy glow. If you are following a diet programme to lose weight make sure you are getting all your nutrients in to avoid skin issues arising from malnutrition. Moderation is key but definitely aim to reduce your sugar intake as sugar molecules can destroy collagen molecules. And collagen is sort of important for skin health. Plus, if you’re outside a lot: remember to wear your SPF!

A ripe avocado cut in half
Avocados are good sources of healthy dietary fats and micronutrients

How to shrink your pores?

Unfortunately you cannot change the size of your pores. Sorry. However regular exfoliation, including chemical peels, can help minimise the look of them and smooth out the surface of your skin. Speak to your Dermalogica skin therapist about the new ProPower Peel. A course of chemical peels can deliver amazing results (and makes makeup application easy). Another tip to minimize the look of pores is to wear a primer under your foundation. Check out Hydrablur Primer from Dermalogica for brilliant pore minimizing technology and ingredients.

Image of Hydrablur Primer
Hydrablur Primer is great for hydrating the skin and minimizing pores