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3 Ideas To Aim For A Stress-Free Holiday This Christmas

Once December hits it’s no secret that stress levels soar. With the financial impact of trying to buy presents everyone will enjoy, not to mention the cost of food, it’s no wonder stress levels are sky high this time of year. Often as a result we resort to overindulging in food and drink to combat this stress, but only end up making things worse. This year let’s all try to be a little kinder to ourselves and aim for a stress-free holiday.

A Little Time for You

(1) Take time for yourself. In fact, make yourself a priority. Before you worry about what turkey to buy, whether you’re going to all sit around your dining room table, or what to buy the kids, make an appointment for you to relax. Whether it’s a facial, a massage or having your nails done, take a moment over the holidays to just enjoy a quiet hour to yourself.

Love yourself!

You Don’t Need To Do It All

(2) Don’t try to do it all. Do the kids really need to see Father Christmas a million times over December? If you want to give them the experience, pick one. It will be magic enough without having to try and make Christmas last 4 weeks. If you’re stuck for ideas why not bring the kids and wander round Lavenham Christmas Fair at the beginning of December.

Do you really need to go to all the office parties? If it’s something you enjoy then go for it but if you’re struggling it’s okay to sit them out. Do you really need 6 bottles of Baileys, 2 cases of beer, 4 bottles of wine, and partridge in a pear cider tree for a 2 day celebration? If you do you might need to consider asking for help this year!

Enjoy yourself but don’t over do it!

Stress-Less About The Whole Gift Thing

(3) Stop stressing about gifts. Why not relax a bit and do something different? Try baking cookies or cooking up some savoury bites instead of spending a fortune on the latest electronic gadget. At the very least consider a gift voucher instead of panic buying an expensive bathroom hamper that will sit on the shelf for months. You can buy vouchers for a treatment with us online here.

Christmas is a beautiful time of year but we’re often so busy trying to do everything and be everywhere that we forget what’s really important. Whether you celebrate or not this time of year is a wonderful time to reflect, be thankful and make plans for the new year. Let’s aim for a stress-free holiday this year!

Here’s to a stress-free Christmas!