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3 Christmas Survival Tips For Your Skin

christmas skin care

Christmas can be your skin’s worst nightmare! Here are some Christmas surivival tips from a Dermalogica Expert

Your skin is probably the least of your concerns when thinking about Christmas! You’re more concerned with sorting our presents for everyone, ordering your turkey, maybe booking your food delivery so you can avoid entering a grocery store. Maybe you’re planning your family baking day or taking your children to see Father Christmas. My point is that the health of your skin is way down the list of priorities. It’s likely not going to cross your mind again until the middle of January.

Well, that’s ok. However, I’m here to give you some tips on how to get through the rest of December without ending the month with skin as rough as sandpaper or as red as that second …..ahem …. third bottle of Merlot.

Roasting Potatoes

Ok so roasting potatoes won’t actually help your skin, but I want you to think about the oil. No I don’t want you to slather vegetable oil on your face.

No, I’m talking about specially formulated facial oils that are designed to target dehydration and provide an extra layer of moisturisation to your skin. Obviously, as a Dermalogica Expert I am going to focus on oils within the Dermalogica range. That’s not to say other oils on the market are bad I’m just not qualified to comment.

Phyto Replenish Oil : This is your go-to winter skin saviour when it comes to facial oils. Layer it under your moisturiser for a dewy, glowing skin and superb hydration.

Phyto Replenish Oil

Overnight Repair Serum : Actually it’s an oil. A delicious rose oil facial wonder. Use it at night to boost hydration and make the most of it’s gentle exfoliating qualities.

Overnight Repair Serum

Barrier Defense Booster : If sensitive skin is your main concern look no further than this fantastic oil laced with turmeric extract. Superb hydration,anti-inflammatory and soothing on an impaired barrier.

Barrier Defense Booster

Let them eat cake

Not just cake! What about the cookies? The brownies? The chocolates?Think of all the sugar! One of the most insidious of festive traditions: the sugar high. It can cause absolute havoc with your skin. Breakouts, sensitivity,and a lack of firmness. Sugar molecules actual destroy collagen! I am not telling you not to eat the sugary treats this month but be mindful. It’s not just going to cause issues with your weight but too much sugar will also make your skin feel dry, dull and old.

When the sugar cravings hit try reaching for the satsumas instead of the chocolates. Your skin … and your dress size will thank you!

If your skin is already red, itchy and sore and you’ve eaten more sugar this month than the whole of the year, then you need to look at the Ultracalming range.

Ultracalming Mist : This beaut of a toner is one of our best selling products.It’s a light, hydrating mist that can be applied anytime during the day and helps reduce redness by 30% in half an hour!

Ultracalming Mist

Calm Water Gel : A cooling light weight moisturiser that’s great for sensitive skin.

Calm Water Gel

Barrier Repair : Soothe and protect irritated skin with this anhydrous moisturiser designed to protect your skin from environmental onslaught!

Barrier Repair

I’ll just pour myself another glass of wine

We all know that alcohol can be bad for you. Do you know how bad though? It’s probably one of the worst things for your skin. It’s dehydrating,can lead to breakouts and hormone disruption and can really upset your gut. The best thing you can do is abstain completely: switch your Prosecco for sparkling water.

However, let’s be realistic, none of us are likely to be completely sober over the Christmas period (unless you’re teetotal, in which case good for you!).

Just watch how much you drink (and if you’re driving don’t drink at all!).

Some of the bad boys to watch out for: red wine is a vasodilator that can cause blood vessels to expand (hello rosy cheeks!), cocktails are sugar laden (see the sugar bit above!), espresso martini (caffeine and alcohol equals major stress stimulation!), Prosecco is sugary, and filled with preservatives and additives.

Want to read more? Check out this article from Elle.

How to recover your skin from an alcohol fest? Plant oils, retinols (Vitamin A) and hyaluronic acid are your best friends.

  • Phyto Replenish Oil for soothing dry skin
  • Overnight Retinol Repair (0.5% or 1% depending on your skin) to help refine the skin and smooth away signs of ageing 
  • Skin Hydrating Masque to flood the skin with hyaluronic acid, the body’s own super moisturiser.
Overnight Retinol Repair 1%

Get through the next few weeks by being mindful, drinkinglots of water, and enjoying alcohol in moderation. Book yourself in for a refreshing facial in January to help prevent any permanent damage to your skin.

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